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47,50 €

Cognac Remy Martin VSOP MCF by Vincent Leroy Limited Edition

398,00 €

Cognac Rémy Martin Carte Blanche à Baptiste Loiseau : An exceptional blend from a single vat, revealed by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau

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In 1738, King Louis XV exceptionally grants Rémy Martin a warrant to expand his vineyard. With 1738 Accord Royal, you will discover an authentic product, deeply rooted in territory and tradition...

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The taste of excellence. Enjoy the true pleasure of its supreme richness. A myriad of floral, fruity and spicy aromas. Velvet texture, opulent density, giving a superior mellow sensation.

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The new expression of Rémy Martin VSOP comes from the finishing period of the eaux-de-vie that takes place after the final blend, at the end of the ageing process...

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Remy Martin Centaure de Diamant : The jewel in the heart of Cognac

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Rémy Martin Centraure Extra Old Cognac was launched in Asia, China. This new Remy Martin XO Cognac, Centaure, with eaux-de-vie from Fine Champagne, meaning Grande and Petite Champagne.

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Cognac Remy Martin Louis XIII Time CollectionThe Time Collection is a series of exclusive limited editions paying tribute to the History of LOUIS XIII. It recounts the LOUIS XIII journey and relives great landmarks of human history.

239,00 €

At the glamorous 71st Cannes Film Festival (May 8 – May 19, 2018), Rémy Martin will return for the 15th year in a row as an official partner.

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Celebrating the aromatic diversity of our various aging cellars, Cognac Rémy Martin “Prime Cellar Selection” Cellar N°16 is a powerful cognac with intense vanilla notes