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1 040,00 €

Hennessy Paradis is the gourmet cognac par excellence

2 875,00 €

Hennessy Paradis Imperial is a contemporary creation by Yann Fillioux, the seventh generation of Master Assemblers from the same family. This cognac symbolizes the apogee of the art of selection at Hennessy, the incessant quest for the finest eaux-de-vie.

230,00 €

Hennessy XO & Ice: A new box combines Hennessy XO with 2 glasses for a contemporary tasting of this blend An elegant fusion between warmth and freshness! Limited Edition Box

42,00 €

This 8th edition of Hennessey V.S Limited Edition 2018 is the latest in Hennessy’s ongoing series of collaborations with internationally renowned artists. This is the first edition that includes an eye catching gift box that also showcases the talent of the Portuguese Graffiti Artist know as VHILs

97,50 €

Cognac Hennessy VSOP Privilège 200th Anniversary Edition Limited

42,00 €

Cognac Hennessy VS by Felipe Pantone Limited Edition The latest installment of the V.S Limited Edition series, designed by contemporary artist Felipe Pantone.

207,00 €

Hennessy XO Exclusive Collection by Marc Newson Edition Limited

210,00 €

Hennessy House unveiled the new limited edition Hennessy Cognac X.O Cognac decanter designed by designer Marc Newson. After a first limited edition in 2017, Marc Newson has chosen to highlight the color copper for this new edition