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Cognac AE Dor

87,50 €

Embleme Cognac is a perfect blend between two beautiful growths : Grande Champagne and Fins Bois. Aged in a oak barrels during long years in our cellars at Jarnac...

234,00 €

Cognac A.E.DOR EXTRA GRANDE CHAMPAGNE is a superb cognac aged during many decades in small oak barrels... Decanter 70 cl

711,50 €

Cognac A.E Dor Valise For Week End : The A.E. DOR range is presented in this superb and elegant luxury wooden with clasp and genuine leather escutcheon...

102,00 €

Cognac AE Dor's Range : 4 Cognacs in 20cl proposed in a wooden box (VS, VSOP, Napoleon, XO)

7 086,00 €

Cognac A.E Dor Sign of Time: On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Maison DOR we wanted to highlight an exceptional cognac ...

5 970,00 €

“The most distinguished Cognac you can offer to your friends or to yourself”...

148,00 €

Elegant and delicate, this admirable cognac reveals a complex and well-balanced bouquet progressively to both the nose and the palate. Flowery tones, honey and vine canes...

94,00 €

Cognac A.E Dor Seasons : The four seasons collection will impress both the cognac lover and the neophyte ...

110,00 €

Cognac AE Dor's Range : 4 Cognacs in 20cl proposed in a wooden box (VS, VSOP, Cigar, XO)

203,00 €

Cognac A.E Dor Vintage 1967 - Petite Champagne40,0°70 cl

133,00 €

Cognac A.E Dor Vintage 1987 - Fins Bois 40,0° 70 cl

203,00 €

Cognac A.E Dor Vintage 1968 - Petite Champagne 40,0° 70 cl