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Cognac Bache Gabrielsen

50,00 €

This year again, Bache-Gabrielsen is proud to offer a CHRISTMAS COGNAC XO extra old ! It is an excellent blend of some of our best and oldest cognacs from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois districts.Rich, complex and persistent tones of dried fruits and elegant floral hints will satisfy all Cognac enthusiasts.

99,00 €

For having aged in Limousin oak casks well beyond what is expected from a classical XO

46,00 €

Our VSOP is a smooth blend of carefully selected « eaux-de-vie ».

129,00 €

Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen was the founder of the cognac house of Bache-Gabrielsen.  The young Norwegian was just 22 when he acquired the cognac house of E. Dupuy, later known as Bache-Gabrielsen...

149,00 €

The name SERENITE has been chosen to reflect the peaceful feeling this unique cognac can bring to you.

249,00 €

The oldest elements of this pure Grande Champagne are from around 1917, while the youngest are from the 1960s.

45,00 €

Bache-Gabrielsen is marking a milestone as it exclusively debuts a first-of-its kind expression to the United States: American Oak – the first cognac ever to be aged in American oak barrels.

32,00 €

Cuvée Anna No. 99 is a classic VS with an aroma of grapes and elegant cask notes...

99,00 €

Cuvée Maria No. 99 XO is a blend from selected top distillers in Grande and Petite Champagne plus 80% Fins Bois...

29,00 €

This blend combines the vigour of its youngest «eaux-de-vie» with the first drops of a more mature Cognac.

150,00 €

Exit the traditional codes of cognac, the concepts of crus and the mentions of age statements. It is time to understand what really defines cognac: flavors, taste and sensations : ECRET GARDEN, FRUITY HARVEST, GOLDEN WOOD and TRIP SPICY