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Cognac Raymond Ragnaud : Cognac Grande Champagne , the first-growth area of Cognac

Raymond RAGNAUD Cognac is made from grapes coming from the best known and most highly esteemed of the Charentes vineyards : those situated in the Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (Protected Region) area called the GRANDE CHAMPAGNE. The first-growth area of Cognac.

The Raymond Ragnaud family has owned a vineyard in the Grande Champagne area ever since 1860: Chez Cormier, and La Magdeleine in Criteuil. The later one is exclusively composed of the grapes varieties Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche, recognized as the best in the region.

The vineyards of AMBLEVILLE , HAUTENEUVE and CHEZ CORMIER , the properties of the Raymond RAGNAUD family, covering 44 hectares, are located in the very heart of the first-growth area.

45,50 €

Réserve Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Intense bright gold dress, bronze reflection ...

62,00 €

Carafe "Stéfany"  Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Cognac generous, flowery and ardent, according to the family tradition. Raymond Ragnaud's granddaughter has created here her first eau de vie, from the precious terroir of Grande Champagne, 1er cru de Cognac.

61,00 €

Vieille Réserve Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Liquid gold dress with bronze reflection ...

98,00 €

XO - Extra Vieux Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Robe or lumineux intense aux reflets cuivrés.

143,50 €

Hors d'Age Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Very beautiful brandy with a lot of rigor and elegance

38,00 €

Sélection Cognac Raymond RagnaudBrandy 4 years old ...

131,00 €

Réserve Rare "Bouteille antique bullée" Raymond Ragnaud : 41°Presented in bubbled bottle and wooden box. A Grande Champagne cognac!

81,00 €

Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Folle Blanche Vintage 2008 This fine and elegant "eau-de-vie" is produced from a rare and old grape variety "the Folle Blanche". The "Folle Blanche" is the original cognac grape variety, abandoned after the attack of phylloxera in the late nineteenth century. The "Folle Blanche" gives incredibly elegant, delicate and perfumed cognacs.

833,00 €

Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Très Vieille Grande Champagne

1 108,00 €

Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Heritage Grande Champagne

115,00 €

Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Vintage 1992 : Cognac distilled from the 1992 harvest only and from the Grande Champagne area exclusively, 1st Cru (Growth) of the Cognac region.

107,50 €

Cognac Raymond Ragnaud Vintage 1994 : Cognac distilled from the 1994 harvest only and from the Grande Champagne area exclusively, 1st Cru (Growth) of the Cognac region.