List of products by supplier: Léopold Gourmel

Cognac Leopold Gourmel

54,00 €

Cognac Leopold Gourmel VS: Fresh and melting notes on white-fleshed fruit

105,50 €

Age du fruits (10 carats) : Present roundness of matured fruits with notes of citrus fruits

160,00 €

Age des Fleurs (15 carats) : Warm, delicat, elegant, velvety feeling with floral vanilla and rich white flowers. Very Long.

245,50 €

Age des Epices (20 carats) : Powerfull, round with a touch of pepper, enticingly rich depth and length.

429,50 €

Quintessence (30 carats) : Tender floral and fruity expression, bewitching spicy notes.

59,50 €

Premières saveurs (6 carats) : Energy, freshness, suppleness with accented aromas of white fruits

65,50 €

Cognac Leopold Gourmel VSOP: Sharp notes on ripe fruit, even confit. A texture of incredible suavity

109,00 €

Cognac Leopold Gourmel XO: Sharp notes on dried fruits, grapes and spices

440,50 €

Carafe L de Gourmel, Grande Champagne