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Cognac Château de Montifaud

54,00 €

Special Reserve "Michel Vallet" Cognac Château Montifaud : Carafe Helios 70 cl The assembly of a "gentleman" A special and unique quality, originally created by Michel for the transition to the year 2000!

153,50 €

Cognac Heritage Louis Vallet L50 Château Montifaud: An exceptional cognac for an exceptional man! The L50 is a rare blend of very old cognacs from 1935 to 1982

37,50 €

Cognac Chateau Montifaud VSOP Touches of flowers on the vine, but equally of linden flowers more present than in the VS. A slow evolution toward dried flowers...

78,00 €

Cognac Chateau Montifaud XO :Much older than the minimum required by the Cognac regulations, this XO opens the gate of the "Paradise" cellar of the castle where the oldest cognacs are carefully preserved.

36,50 €

Cognac Prénium Prestige Château Montifaud : Aged for several months in new French oak barrels and several years in old barrels. Fruity aromas, delicate floral notes.

118,50 €

Cognac XO from Château Montifaud Heritage L30 in a beautiful bubbly bottle - Petite Champagne

31,50 €

Cognac Chateau Montifaud VS : The scent of flowers on the wine is very present...

58,50 €

Cognac Château Montifaud Napoléon : An assemblage of more than 10 different eaux-de-vie, all older than the 6 years required by the regulations.

66,00 €

Cognac Château Montifaud Napoléon Cigare 46%vol : You always need an ideal cognac for cigars!

92,50 €

Cognac L20 Château Montifaud - Petite Champagne Presented in a bubble bottle! A blend of more than 10 different brandies, all older than the minimum required! Artisanal distillation with lots of lees, aged in "red" oak barrels then in "old" barrels!

164,50 €

Extra Cognac Château Montifaud This decanter is bottled and labelled by hand at Famille Vallet estate This cognac will quickly sweep through you with its hints of vanilla and dried fruits while surprising you with its length in the mouth and its perfet balance" Great freshness and little tannin. It is characterized by its softness and its long length in...

120,50 €

Cognac Chateau Montifaud XO Majestic : This is not just a name, this Cognac XO is Majestic by its sublimated assembly via a drop of history: a drop of the oldest eaux-de-vie from our Paradise cellar!