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Cognac Château de Montifaud

54,00 €

Special Reserve "Michel Vallet" Cognac Château Montifaud : Carafe Helios 70 cl The assembly of a "gentleman" A special and unique quality, originally created by Michel for the transition to the year 2000!

153,50 €

Cognac Heritage Louis Vallet L50 Château Montifaud: An exceptional cognac for an exceptional man! The L50 is a rare blend of very old cognacs! Naturally descended to 50% vol.

36,50 €

Cognac Chateau Montifaud VSOP Touches of flowers on the vine, but equally of linden flowers more present than in the VS. A slow evolution toward dried flowers...

78,00 €

Cognac Chateau Montifaud XO :Much older than the minimum required by the Cognac regulations, this XO opens the gate of the "Paradise" cellar of the castle where the oldest cognacs are carefully preserved.

35,50 €

Cognac Prénium Prestige Château Montifaud : Aged for several months in new French oak barrels and several years in old barrels. Fruity aromas, delicate floral notes.

115,00 €

Cognac XO from Château Montifaud Heritage L30 in a beautiful bubbly bottle - Petite Champagne

30,50 €

Cognac Chateau Montifaud VS : The scent of flowers on the wine is very present...

57,00 €

Cognac Château Montifaud Napoléon : An assemblage of more than 10 different eaux-de-vie, all older than the 6 years required by the regulations.

64,00 €

Cognac Château Montifaud Napoléon Cigare 46%vol : You always need an ideal cognac for cigars!

39,50 €

Cognac L10 Château Montifaud : Aged for several months in new French oak barrels, then several years in old barrels

154,00 €

Remarkable aromas of dried fruits, especially roasted almonds.Great freshness and little tannin. It is characterized by its softness and its long length in the mouth ...

319,00 €

Limited edition ! To celebrate 150 years, Laurent Vallet has had the privilege of selecting over the years, 6 cognacs with a strong character, perfect reflection of the 6 personalities of the Vallet family. Brandies ranging from 1847 to 2005 for a unique blend of know-how and heritage!