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Cognac Leopold Gourmel

When Pierre Voisin created his company with Olivier Blanc in 1972, he baptized Leopold Gourmel as a tribute to his grandfather. The two founders appreciate the authenticity of this character, especially his close relationship with nature when he cultivates his vines and garden in the Ile de Ré.

A respect for the environment that fits perfectly with their way of conceiving the elaboration of cognac ... And it is still Leopold, saddler of his state, that inspires the emblem of the brand: the horse's head. Here again, the symbol is strong, because the most beautiful conquest of man is perfectly associated with the nobility, elegance and finesse of the cognac Leopold Gourmel.

Finally, beyond the affective comparisons, the justification of this patronymic choice is also found in the evocative power of its pronunciation. To say "Leopold Gourmel" ... is already feeling like a promise of new flavors and nice moments of complicity ...

54,00 €

VS Cognac Leopold Gourmel : Fresh and melting notes on white-fleshed fruit

106,00 €

Age du fruits (10 carats) Cognac Leopold Gourmel : Present roundness of matured fruits with notes of citrus fruits

160,00 €

Age des Fleurs (15 carats) Cognac Leopold Gourmel : Warm, delicat, elegant, velvety feeling with floral vanilla and rich white flowers. Very Long.

235,00 €

Age des Epices (20 carats) Cognac Leopold Gourmel : Powerfull, round with a touch of pepper, enticingly rich depth and length.

430,00 €

Quintessence (30 carats) Cognac Leopold Gourmel : Tender floral and fruity expression, bewitching spicy notes.

60,00 €

Premières saveurs (6 carats) : Energy, freshness, suppleness with accented aromas of white fruits

65,50 €

VSOP Cognac Leopold Gourmel : Sharp notes on ripe fruit, even confit. A texture of incredible suavity

109,00 €

XO Cognac Leopold Gourmel : Sharp notes on dried fruits, grapes and spices

129,00 €

Brut de fruits - Cognac Léopold Gourmel - 50,7° Cru Fins bois.Blend of brandies more than 10 years old.

184,00 €

Brut de Fleurs Cognac Leopold Gourmel –  49,3° Cru Fins bois.Blend of eaux-de-vie more than 15 years old.

272,00 €

Brut d'Epices - Cognac Léopold Gourmet : 47.2° Cru Fins bois.Blend of eaux-de-vie more than 20 years old.