List of products by manufacturer Pierre Ferrand

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Vintage 1975 - Cognac Pierre Ferrand : The year 1975 was one that showed four distinct seasons...

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Ambre - Cognac Pierre Ferrand : Grande Champagne  An elegant and balanced cognac, very aromatic!

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Selection des Anges - Cognac Pierre Ferrand : Grande Champagne Pierre Ferrand Sélection des Anges offers concentrated flavor leading into a very long finish.

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1840 Original Formula - Cognac Pierre Ferrand : Finalist  -“Excellent, Highly Recommended” -  94 points, Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2012...

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Vintage 1972 - Cognac Pierre Ferrand : The year 1972 was one that showed four distinct seasons...

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Reserve Double Cask Cognac Pierre Ferrand : First aged in classic cognac barrels and further matured in Banyuls Barrel...

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10 th Generations Cognac Pierre Ferrand : Distilled slowly on fine lees, it is aged in French oak with 20% in Sauternes casks.

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Renegade Barrel N°2 Chestnut  Cognac Pierre Ferrand : Double matured, first aged in cognac oak barrel and after in a rer barrel made from the wood of chestnut tree...

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Plantation Fiji 2009 - Cognac Pierre Ferrand Coming from the South Pacific Distillery, this unique expression, an alliance of both pot and column stills, was distilled in 2009. Intense, this rum, aged for 7 years in Fiji and 2 years in Ferrand casks in France, is rich and round, with note of buttery vanilla, caramel, cocoa and ginger ale as well as...

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Plantation Peru 2004 - Cognac Pierre Ferrand Distilled in the Chicama Valley, an extremely arid region on the Peruvian north coast, this 2004 vintage is first aged 12 years in its terroir of origin and then matured two to three years in France. It reveals essences of ripe figs, both the fruit and the leaf, and mango, then develops notes of rich pastry,...

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Plantation 20th Anniversary Caribbean - Cognac Pierre Ferrand To honor Alexandre Gabriel’s 20th anniversary as Master Blender, we created Plantation XO 20th Anniversary using a blend of quintessential extra-old rums from Barbados. Over a decade later, we are still very proud of this rum as it continues to receive praises and top awards.

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Légendaire - Cognac Pierre Ferrand : Grande Champagne An exceptional cognac in an exceptional bottle.With Légendaire, Ferrand pays tribute to 4 centuries of know-how.The quintessence of the Ferrand spirit!Légendaire, limited edition of 500 copies.