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ABK6 Cognac

39,00 €

Limited edition Ice Cognac by ABK6 is the first cognac really designed to be consumed on the rocks...

36,00 €

The initial nose has aromas of apricots and fresh grapes which then evolve towards light spice and fruit-filled pastry. The palate is crisp and elegant with good presence and exceptional length.

45,00 €

The nose is complex with stewed fruit and woody notes which are followed by brioche, vanilla, apple and cinnamon. The palate has excellent full structure with a long finish of vanilla and woody flavours.

96,00 €

The nose displays aromatic richness with dried fruit and nuts and the liquorice aromas typical of well mature Cognacs. It develops towards the spice and characteristic fruit pastry notes which are our signature...

160,00 €

ABK6 1985 vintage exclusively from 6 small barrels: FP1, FP2, FP15, FP65, FP66 and FP77 Chai Paradis. Produced in 1985, we bottled 2820 bottles in January 2015.

34,50 €

ABK6 HONEY reveals a floral nose with notes of jasmine, violet, honeysuckle and rose petal. Then comes the heat of spicy fruit and candied orange. These notes are linked by vanilla wood species.