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Cognac Baron Otard

32,00 €

The balanced roundness of BARON OTARD VS releases the intense, fruity aromas of vine flowers...

44,00 €

VSOP Cognac Baron Otard This elegant cognac comes with full-bodied aromas, great finesse and a good length on the palate.

165,00 €

The personality of BARON OTARD XO Gold is expressed through the perfect balance of the blend of the finest growths...

402,00 €

Extra 1795 Cognac Baron Otard A generous blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, aged in the unique cellars of the chateau...

3 725,00 €

BARON OTARD Cognac renders homage to its founder by creating “Fortis et Fidelis”. The motto featured on the coat of arms of the Otard family for centuries means “Strength and Loyalty”. It symbolises the values upheld by Baron Otard in his time...

4 695,00 €

Collection Du Roi Cognac Baron Otard - 70cl A rare and complex blend carefully elaborated by our Cellar Master from a selection of the oldest eaux-de-vie.The mouth-blown crystal decanter is protected in a handmade box, covered with silk, leather, gold leaf and lacquered wood.