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This XO Prenium Bache Gabrielsen is a cognac with a great smoothness fruit of the harmonious blend of eaux-de-vie aged an average of twenty years in oak barrels.

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Cuvée Maria No. 99 XO is a blend from selected top distillers in Grande and Petite Champagne plus 80% Fins Bois...

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Cognac Bache Gabrielsen VSOP Triple Cask : an altogether longer ageing process than the established 4 year rule for a VSOP, allied to a third spell in 350 and 400 litre casks all but highlights the audacious nature of our House.

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Cognac Extra Bernard Boutinet : Thanks to its blend (3:1, 25 and 20 year-old Cognacs) aged in Limousin oak casks, Cognac Extra offers wonderful mahogany shades with touches of bronze...

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Cognac & Cigars Cognac Bernard Boutinet : A perfectly balanced Cognac !

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Cognac Bertrand XO : 35 year old blend

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XO Cognac Blanleuil - Grande ChampagneThis cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie from the 80s.

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VSOP Cognac Blanleuil - Grande ChampagneThis cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie from the 90s.

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Bourgoin Micro Barrique Cognac Brut de Fût 1998 : 35cl Faithfull to the Bourgoin Cognac philosophy, this cask strength vintage 1994 is the perfect reflection of its region of origin. This eau-de-vie is unblended and bottled with no reduction and no filtration...

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BOURGOIN MICRO BARRIQUE COGNAC 35cl - 43,0° is a 20 years old XO cognac (1998), finished in micro-barrel, 10 litres, crocodile heater. This new production method turns the cognac to something suave and heavily flavoured. The “boursinage crocodile” and the cask size result in a softened cognac and transfers aromas sublimating this “fins bois” eau-de-vie.

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By Braastad Cream Liqueur is a blend if Cognac, fresh cream, chocolate and caramel flavor (17%vol., of which 56% of Cognac Petite Champagne and 44% of fine spirit)

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This great Reserve Extra VSOP BRILLET Cognac, 100 % Petite Champagne, is appreciated for its powerful and fruity character...