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Cognac Louis Royer

34,50 €

Young, vivacious, natural, fresh, fruity: LOUIS ROYER VS Cognac will surprise you by its softness. This is the result from the ‘very special’ attention it receives during its development.

45,50 €

LOUIS ROYER VSOP Cognac possesses qualities usually only found in older Cognacs.

142,00 €

Rarely has a Cognac been celebrated as such, receiving most prestigious international awards year after year throughout the world.

380,00 €

LOUIS ROYER EXTRA Cognac is the absolute and intimate expression of all of the producer’s savoir-faire. This art has been handed down through the generations of Master Selectors and Master Blenders.

2 800,00 €

ELOGE is a celebration of our passion for exceptional Cognacs, handed over from generation to generation . After decades of ageing, this Grande Champagne Cognac has reached perfection in the humid and dark cellars of our Paradis, giving it all of its richness and complexity.