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That declaration of fidelity and faith has been a constant feature of the Delamain family, ever since James Delamain came back from Ireland in 1759 to form a partnership with his father-in-law, Jean-Isaac Ranson, owner of a long-standing exporting firm whose origins date back to the very first beginnings of cognac.
The historical roots of the House of Delamain, still run to this day by the direct descendants of the founder, Patrick Peyrelongue and his cousin Charles Braastad, run deep down into the origins of cognac, such that it is today one of the oldest names of the region.
The Delamain family boasts amongst its members humanists, scientists and poets alike, such as Jacques Delamain, a writer and great ornithologist, or Robert Delamain, author of "The History of Cognac", a superb book still today considered as a work of reference by scholars and cognac-lovers. The family has remained homogenous and united in the intimacy of a House steeped in memories and traditions handed down by the previous generations.
The successive heads of the House of Delamain, open-minded and attentive to the due observance of things, have always master-minded all the crucial operations of the profession: purchasing the eaux-de-vie, ageing, blending, reducing, which explains the extraordinary consistancy of the end product.
In accordance with the original nature of the old Houses of Cognac, Delamain selects and purchases its eaux-de-vie from owners and distillers in the region, with whom it has maintained ties of mutual confidence, often going back decades.
Delamain thus has access to the finest sources of provisioning, exclusively in the terroirs of Grande Champagne, as being the only areas capable of providing a quality matching its stringent requirements.
The House of Delamain has remained faithful to its tradition of craftsmanship. All the preparatory operations are carried out by hand, according to the rules of the art, in compliance with the demands of total quality, in cellars imbued with the heady fragrance of the precious casks.
The Delamain objective is simple : to remain faithful to its tradition and offer cognacs of the very purest and most genuine expression.
Today, the pride and joy of the House of Delamain, constantly seeking to conquer new markets, is the recognition of its know-how and the appreciation of its cognac by leading connoisseurs all over the world.

99,00 €

Cognac Delamain XO Pale & Dry - Grande Champagne Pale & Dry, "Pale" because it is much paler than other cognacs of this age due to the natural pale colour of the cognacs used in the blend which are all matured in old casks and "Dry" because it has only its natural sweetness.

160,00 €

XO Vesper Cognac Delamain - Grande Champagne Vesper, from the sixth canonical hour celebrated each late-afternoon in song to reflect its richness and the worshipful sense it imparts.

386,00 €

Le Très Vénéré Cognac Delamain Grande Champagne "Très Vénéré" was named for its venerable status, the maximum age to which Cognac can improve.

306,00 €

Extra Cognac Delamain - Grande Champagne EXTRA appellation is an existing Cognac category far superior to the X.O. Delamain's EXTRA is the rare one issued exclusively from the Premier Cru area : the Grande Champagne. Presented in decanter

155,00 €

With the Trio tasting box, Delamain offers fans a comparative tasting of three old Cognacs of different ages and styles. The Pale & Dry XO 20 cl: delicacy and elegance       The Vesper 20 cl: roundness and voluptuousness     The Most Venerable 20 cl: fullness and complexity

799,00 €

Cognac Delamain Vintage 1966 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac

649,50 €

Cognac Delamain Vintage 1973 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac

593,50 €

Cognac Delamain Vintage 1976 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac

514,00 €

Cognac Delamain Vintage 1977 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac

442,00 €

Cognac Delamain Vintage 1986 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac Presented in wooden box

418,50 €

Cognac Delamain Vintage 1988 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac Presented in wooden box

527,00 €

Cognac Delamain Vintage 1980 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac Presented in wooden box