List of products by manufacturer Daniel Bouju

Cognac Daniel Bouju : in the heart of the Grande Champagne, the first-growth area of Cognac

Daniel Bouju is a highly respected producer of fine Cognacs and his products can be found in some of the finest food venues in the world. Priding themselves on traditional craftmanship dating back to 1805 the family apply strict standards to their production. The Cognacs are aged in Limousin oak casks on the property in Saint-Preuil, located in the heart of the Grande Champagne.

91,00 €

This Cognac « Brut de Fût » not filtered, is 15 years old. Remarkably smooth, long with complex aromas that makes of this cognac, a  cognac for connoisseurs...

143,00 €

Of amber colour, this Cognac is not filtered. Strong rancio Charentais with woody character and spicy scents. A Cognac for connoisseurs.

181,00 €

Not filtered Cognac. Gentle, round and soft with a complex rancio Charentais taste. Many fine perfumes.

701,00 €

Naturally aged at 42 °, This Cognac is not filtered.

42,00 €

Of pale gold colour, it is a round and light Cognac with complex aromas, of fresh fruits. 40°. Very light notes of tannin, fruity and aromatic...

50,00 €

Gold coloured, this Cognac is round and light with fruity  aromas.45% Vol...

42,00 €

Of amber colour. The bouquet of cask’s wood and floral scents are present. Well rounded. Not aggressive

49,50 €

Of amber colour. Complex and powerful characters with delicate and fine aromas. Vanilla and spicy scents.

60,50 €

Of amber colour. The roundness reflects tannins’ evolution. This Cognac is long on the palate with fruity and spicy aromas.

80,00 €

Scents of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, vanilla and prunes that add to a remarkable length on the palate. The range of perfume tastes is united and nothing comes disturbing it while tasting...

105,50 €

Of amber colour. Mellow bouquet with a marked touch of rancio Charentais.

135,50 €

42,7 % vol. Strong and subtle, scents of nutmeg, clove , cinnamon, vanilla and prunes that add to a remarkable length on the palate...