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Cognac A.E Dor Crus Collection Wooden Box : 4 symphonies of aromas and fragrances characterising the various crus blended in our Cognacs...

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Cognac A.E Dor Valise For Week End : The A.E. DOR range is presented in this superb and elegant luxury wooden with clasp and genuine leather escutcheon...

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Cognac AE Dor's Range : 4 Cognacs in 20cl proposed in a wooden box (VS, VSOP, Napoleon, XO)

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Cognac A.E Dor Seasons : The four seasons collection will impress both the cognac lover and the neophyte ...

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Cognac AE Dor's Range : 4 Cognacs in 20cl proposed in a wooden box (VS, VSOP, Cigar, XO)

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Cognac AE Dor's Range : 4 Cognacs in 20cl proposed in a wooden box (VSOP, Napoleon, XO, N°6)

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Exit the traditional codes of cognac, the concepts of crus and the mentions of age statements. It is time to understand what really defines cognac: flavors, taste and sensations : ECRET GARDEN, FRUITY HARVEST, GOLDEN WOOD and TRIP SPICY

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The Cognac Challenge - Make your own Blend ! Our Master Blender, Jean-Philippe Bergier, has created this blend from the selection of eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois...

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Triadine, A selection of three eaux-de-vie of Chateau de Beaulon...

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With the Trio tasting box, Delamain offers fans a comparative tasting of three old Cognacs of different ages and styles. The Pale & Dry XO 20 cl: delicacy and elegance       The Vesper 20 cl: roundness and voluptuousness     The Most Venerable 20 cl: fullness and complexity

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Tasting Box Cognac Geffard : Grande Champagne This tasting box is very popular with Cognac X.O. since it contains a 20 cl bottle of VSOP, a 20 cl bottle of Vieille Réserve and a 20 cl bottle of Très Vieux Cognac. These 3 cognacs are of category X.O. since our VSOP is already very old. Very good gift idea !!

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COLLECTION Gift Pack Cognac Jean Fillioux – a very luxurious assortment of 3 small Ariane bottle (20 cl), presented in a auburn plain wooden gift set (La Pouyade, Star Gourmet, Tres Vieux)