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India de Bowen : Equilibrium of Aromas This is an original recipe based on cognac, bitter oranges, blood oranges, walnuts and natural plants extracts...

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Pale Bowen Pale : Spirit of Freshness Its extremely fruity bouquet, with that delicate touch of woodiness, makes it extraordinarily moresome...  

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Cognac Bowen VS : Equilibrium of Aromas The blend of Fins Bois, Champagnes and Borderies, backed by ageing in Limousin oak barrels, gives a hoste of floral, fruity aromas, and remarkable length on the palate

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Cognac Bowen VSOP : Equilibrium of Aromas A harmonious marriage of the predominantly fruity Fins Bois with the predominantly floral Champagnes and Borderies...

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Cognac Bowen Napoleon : Equilibrium of Aromas Round and harmonious, carrying all the subtle fragance of wild violets and jasmine, typical of the finest Borderies...

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Cognac Bowen XO : Sens Emotion The bouquet is extraordinarily deep and rich, with the floral touches of violet, typical of the Borderies, backed by the wisterie and irises of the Champagne...

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Cognac Bowen XO Gold's Black : Tastes in Fusion The distinctive personnality of this cognac offers of profusion of ric hand complex aromas combining a delicious charente rancio with more mineral touches, expressed y a truly remarkable presence and lenght on the palate.

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Cognac Bowen Extra : Spirit of Excellence A cognac rich in complex, concentrated aromas...

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A harmonious blend of the differents components of the very best Cognac growths. The cognac is aged in Limousin oak barrels and can also be enjoyed on the rocks or as a long drink

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A well-balanced blend of Limousin oak and mature Cognac. The strength of the fruitiness pleasantly backs the dominant floral fragances. Excellent lenght on the palate, with long-lasting aromas.

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The long ageing of this Cognac reveals the vanilla aromas of Limousin oak. Fruity fragances are diversified, with hints of stone fruit, followed by a very pleasant and discreet “port” touch

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A perfect blend of the best cognac growths. Strength and finesse are balanced, with subtle woodiness, and an elegant, refined initial taste blossoming into full-bodied fleshiness...