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Cognac A.E.DOR VS Selection is partly made from Borderies and Fins Bois. Floral, fruity, scent of flowers with a superb touch of honey.

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Limited edition Ice Cognac by ABK6 is the first cognac really designed to be consumed on the rocks...

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The initial nose has aromas of apricots and fresh grapes which then evolve towards light spice and fruit-filled pastry. The palate is crisp and elegant with good presence and exceptional length.

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Cuvée Anna No. 99 is a classic VS with an aroma of grapes and elegant cask notes...

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This blend combines the vigour of its youngest «eaux-de-vie» with the first drops of a more mature Cognac.

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Bache-Gabrielsen is marking a milestone as it exclusively debuts a first-of-its kind expression to the United States: American Oak – the first cognac ever to be aged in American oak barrels.

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This blend of the finest growths is aged in French oak barrels producing discreet touches of tannin. The balanced roundness of BARON OTARD VS releases the intense, fruity aromas of vine flowers...

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Cognac Bertrand VS : 5 year old blend

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Cognac Bisquit : VS Classique - To fully savour this beautifully balanced, generous and full in mouth Cognac, savour neat.

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Cognac Bourgoin Fine Pale 62,5° - Thought and elaborated for mixology, Fine Pale is a young cognac bottled at cask strength after 2 years maturation. Its minimal coloring makes it an invisible addition to cocktails.

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Pale Bowen Pale : Spirit of Freshness Its extremely fruity bouquet, with that delicate touch of woodiness, makes it extraordinarily moresome...