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Cognac A.E.DOR VS Selection is partly made from Borderies and Fins Bois. Floral, fruity, scent of flowers with a superb touch of honey.

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Limited edition Ice Cognac by ABK6 is the first cognac really designed to be consumed on the rocks...

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The initial nose has aromas of apricots and fresh grapes which then evolve towards light spice and fruit-filled pastry. The palate is crisp and elegant with good presence and exceptional length.

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Bache-Gabrielsen is marking a milestone as it exclusively debuts a first-of-its kind expression to the United States: American Oak – the first cognac ever to be aged in American oak barrels.

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Cuvée Anna No. 99 is a classic VS with an aroma of grapes and elegant cask notes...

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This blend combines the vigour of its youngest «eaux-de-vie» with the first drops of a more mature Cognac.

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The balanced roundness of BARON OTARD VS releases the intense, fruity aromas of vine flowers...

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Cognac Bertrand VS : 5 year old blend

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Cognac Bisquit : VS Classique - To fully savour this beautifully balanced, generous and full in mouth Cognac, savour neat.

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Cognac Bourgoin Fine Pale 62,5° - Thought and elaborated for mixology, Fine Pale is a young cognac bottled at cask strength after 2 years maturation. Its minimal coloring makes it an invisible addition to cocktails.

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Pale Bowen Pale : Spirit of Freshness Its extremely fruity bouquet, with that delicate touch of woodiness, makes it extraordinarily moresome...