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A.E Dor Cognac For Cigar : It harmonizes a great finesse with a strong and well-built character This cognac develops and integrates the aromatical fragrances of the cigar...

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Cognac Château Montifaud Napoléon Cigare 46%vol : You always need an ideal cognac for cigars!

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Napoléon Cigar Blend Cognac Deau Rich ans Perfectly balanced, this is an exquisite cognac, composed exclusively of eaux-de- vie taken from the first crus of the Cognac region.   Delicately aged in oak barrels, our NAPOLÉON Cognac has slowly achieved the necessery maturity to reach a perfect balance.

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XO Vesper Cognac Delamain - Grande Champagne Vesper, from the sixth canonical hour celebrated each late-afternoon in song to reflect its richness and the worshipful sense it imparts.

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Cognac Jacques Denis : Extra Cigar Blend -Grande Champagne Presented in Decanter Blend of several Grande Champagne harvests, average age of thirty years old.

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Cognac Jacques Denis : Extra -Grande ChampagneBlend of several Grande Champagne harvests, average age of thirty years old.

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Frapin Cigar Blend Cognac is a single estate Cognac from the region's top 'cru' - Grande Champagne. This was created to match with a cigar.

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Its amber colour is shot through with flashes of mahogany and rosewood. The nose offers an extraordinary richness of complex aromas with hints of vanilla, dried fruit and woodiness. The XO Pinar Del Rio, to be enjoyed neat with a Havana cigar, is the ideal gift for cigar lovers.

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Powerful, generous flavours of candied fruit, honey and walnut. Round and full-bodied on the palate with an extraordinarily complex body of aromas. Long and lingering with an exceptional finish. To be enjoyed neat as an aperitif or with foie gras or any chocolate dessert.

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Cognac Cigare Reserve Hine Appellation Cognac Contrôlée XO Created by Bernard Hine and Nicholas Freeman (Hunters & Frankau) in their quest to find the perfect match between the most expressive of cigars and House of Hine cognacs.

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Cognac Talent de Thomas Hine Appellation Cognac Grande Champagne Contrôlée Blend of some fifty fully mature and exceptional eaux-de-vie, some dating back to the end of the 19th century, all crafted from Grande Champagne grapes exclusively.

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CIGAR CLUB Cognac Jean Fillioux – 40% : superb Grande Champagne Cognac, with a great personality, powerful...