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Founded in 1850, Maison Brillet Cognac : owner to the Grande and Petite Champagne

More than 300 years of history at the heart of Cognac in Premiers Grands Crus de Cognac, Petite Champagne & Grande Champagne.

1656 - Birth of Guy Brillet, founder of the family estate at Bois d'Angeac Premier Crude Cognac.

1850 - Vivien Brillet - 6th generation continues the family tradition, enlarging the vineyards, cellars, and distilleries at Graves along the Charente River,

headquarters of MAISON BRILLET - Since 1850 1920 - Raymond and Jean Brillet (J.R.Brillet) 8th and 9th generations, ensured that

BRILLET is among the first producers of fine Pineau des Charentes, distributed alongside its Cognac Estate in France.

1985 - Jean-Louis Brillet, 10th generation, with over three centuries of family heritage, tradition and savoir faire. Produces, distills, ages and markets worldwide.

16,75 €

NATURAL APERITIF & PERFECT DRINK COCKTAIL Delicate, dry and fruity, Pineau BRILLET Blanc Prestige is the perfect blend of fresh, young wine and fine Cognac...

30,50 €

NATURAL APERITIF & SUBLIME DESSERT WINE Exceptional Pineau des Charentes which highly notes the huge aromatic wealth of complex oak and honey obtained after long years of cask ageing in oak. Pineau BRILLET Extra Old...

60,00 €

This great Reserve Extra VSOP BRILLET Cognac, 100 % Petite Champagne, is appreciated for its powerful and fruity character...

85,00 €

Cognac Brillet 40% of alc : The XO Cognac “par excellence” Single Grande Champagne...

280,50 €

Rare Cognac Brillet « Heritage (Brut de Fût) » 45% of alc : The Cognac of Cognacs Single Grande Champagne...

39,50 €

"Signature", 100% Petite Champagne Brillet The Pale and amber color a delicate bouquet with a well rounded Fruity taste,This is due to the very interesting early maturing cognac Petite Champagne Single Cru(single vineyard)...

1 190,00 €

Très Rare Cognac Brillet « Grand Siècle » 41% of Alc. The « Unique » Cognac Single Grande Champagne... The temperament as well as the opulence of this great cognac is a witness to the extraordinary quality of the eau de vie distilled at the beginning of the 20th century. (Confirmed by an Expert appraisal February 19, 1999).

166,50 €

Cognac Brillet “Hors d’Age” 40% of alc. Exceptional Cognac Single Cognac Grande Champagne...

37,50 €

Liqueur Belle de Brillet 30% of alc. The famous, original liqueur of Poire Williams and Cognac Brillet. The liqueur loved by both men and women...

16,75 €

Pineau Brillet Rouge Sire de Framboisy Ruby coloured, smooth and frutty notes of raspberries due to the maturity of the Merlot and Cabernet wines planted in ideal soil