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Generous and cordial bouquet, floral with violet tones in the nose.

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The nose is complex with stewed fruit and woody notes which are followed by brioche, vanilla, apple and cinnamon. The palate has excellent full structure with a long finish of vanilla and woody flavours.

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Cognac Augier : Le Sauvage. A bold cognac with an appealing intensity achieved by distilling the wine on its fine lees. The body is complex and subtly balanced, displaying clear-cut, vibrant fruit notes. The finish is long and gently spiced.

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Cognac Augier : Le Singulier. Le Singulier is an exceptionally expressive cognac made from a fine but long-neglected grape. The attack is direct & invigorating. The body is rounded and polished. Intense and complex fruit aromas are counterbalanced by subtle wood notes in the finish.

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Cognac Augier : L'Océanique. L’ Océanique is marked by maritime influences and an iodised character. The body has a straightforward character that reveals strong mineral notes. The nose is floral and spiced with hints of Virginia tobacco.

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Cognac Bache Gabrielsen VSOP Triple Cask : an altogether longer ageing process than the established 4 year rule for a VSOP, allied to a third spell in 350 and 400 litre casks all but highlights the audacious nature of our House.

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VSOP Cognac Baron Otard This elegant cognac comes with full-bodied aromas, great finesse and a good length on the palate.

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Cognac VSOP Bernard Boutinet : A powerful Cognac which is just beginning to assume the typical “rancio charentais” taste...

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Cognac Coeur de Fins Bois Bernard Boutinet : There are glints of light in this Cognac, which has been aged in barrels so old that no tannin remains...

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Cognac Bertrand VSOP : Aged between 10 and 15 years in Limousin oak. Its time spent in young barrels gives a floral sweetness.

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VSOP Cognac Blanleuil - Grande ChampagneThis cognac is a blend of eaux-de-vie from the 90s.

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Cognac Bowen VSOP : Equilibrium of Aromas A harmonious marriage of the predominantly fruity Fins Bois with the predominantly floral Champagnes and Borderies...