Très vieux 

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99,50 €

The Extra Old Pineau des Charentes Bowen is crafted exclusively from a limited quantity of old batches, each méticulously selected for the excellence of its aromas an dits full-bodies taste.

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NATURAL APERITIF & SUBLIME DESSERT WINE Exceptional Pineau des Charentes which highly notes the huge aromatic wealth of complex oak and honey obtained after long years of cask ageing in oak. Pineau BRILLET Extra Old...

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Pineau Collection Privée 1985 Ruby 30 Years Old : Exceptional Reserve, Limited quantities - Château de Beaulon...

75,00 €

Pineau Collection Privée 1985 Or 30 years Old : Exceptional Reserve, Limited quantities - Château de Beaulon...

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Pineau Vintage 2000 White : Aged in Sauternes barrel (A collector's item) - Château de Beaulon...

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Pineau Millennium 2000 : Created in 1979 in preparation for the third Millennium celebrations  - Château de Beaulon...

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Ambre Very Old Pineau des Charentes White Claude Thorin : This Pineau represents the quintessence of the Pineaux des Charentes of Grande Champagne, it has been made on our domain for decades before ageing until now in oak barrel in our cellars. Its production is limited to only a few dozen bottles a year.

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This extra old Pineau is the result of long, patient barrel ageing, which contributes to a sumptuous, elegant bouquet.

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Extra Old White Pineau des Charentes - Domaine du Chêne

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Très Vieux Pineau Blanc Estève : Very beautiful amber color, with hints of candied honey fruits. As a starter, the palate is full-bodied, greasy and the rancio fades away from a touch of candied pineapple ...

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Très Vieux Pineau Rosé Estève - Pineau rare and elegant: candied fruit

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Extra Old Pineau White Cognac Guillon-Painturaud The nose reveals a great elegance and a beautiful intensity; fruits confifs, honey, wax, wood offer a large aromatic pallet. The mouth is round, long and consistent, the wooded notes merge between toast and exotic fruits....