List of products by manufacturer Rémy Couillebaud

Cognac Remy Couillebaud, family estate since 1867

Our family estate is passed on for generations.

The vine is cultivated and in 1867, is a still bought.

Remy Couillebaud developed in 1969 direct sales of Cognac and Pineau des Charentes property.

Today, the sixth generation, we grow 33 acres of vines in cultivation.

Our cognacs only come from wines harvested, distilled and aged on the property.

Since 1995, we create  small  batches of vintage Cognacs e: a service of the National Bureau of Cognac comes each year when stocks to seal the barrels. After 20 years of passion, skill and patience, these elixirs will be proposed.

31,50 €

Cognac VS Remy Couillebaud : The youngest of our cognacs, lively, light-colored, also suitable for cocktails and long drink.

37,00 €

VSOP Remy Couillebaud : Years of additional aging brought to our VSOP fulfillment of a great cognac.

45,50 €

Napoleon Cognac Remy Couillebaud : This cognac amber beautifully, with fine aroma and said rancio us discover a beautiful structure.

58,00 €

XO Cognac Remy Couillebaud : From a golden amber, brandy gives this highly scalable notes on the nose and mouth.

67,50 €

Vieille Reserve Remy Couillebaud notes wooded, dry fruits appear Cognac for a beautiful tan.

101,00 €

Extra Cognac Remy Couillebaud : This cognac ageless Reserve is designed for large family circumstances...

92,00 €

Vintage 1996 - Cognac Rémy Couillebaud - 41,5° Limited quantityIts powerful aromas of liquorice and undergrowth make it an exceptional cognac for amateurs.