List of products by supplier: Remy Couillebaud

Cognac Remy Couillebaud

29,00 €

Cognac VS Remy Couillebaud : The youngest of our cognacs, lively, light-colored, also suitable for cocktails and long drink.

34,00 €

Cognac VSOP Remy Couillebaud : Years of additional aging brought to our VSOP fulfillment of a great cognac.

42,50 €

Napoleon Cognac Remy Couillebaud : This cognac amber beautifully, with fine aroma and said rancio us discover a beautiful structure.

55,00 €

XO Cognac Remy Couillebaud : From a golden amber, brandy gives this highly scalable notes on the nose and mouth.

64,50 €

Cognac Vieille Reserve Remy Couillebaud notes wooded, dry fruits appear Cognac for a beautiful tan.

98,00 €

Extra Old Cognac Remy Couillebaud : This cognac ageless Reserve is designed for large family circumstances...