Hors d'Age 30 - 50 ans 

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°8 : Very spicy, cocoa. Full flavours from the oak which results from the long ageing in barrels and slow evaporation and oxidation in optimum conditions...

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°7 : "A little leather and wild" A certain power in the mouth which can be surprising, ripening on the palate to a delectable fullness with persistent aromas...

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Cognac A.E.DOR Vieille Reserve N°6 : Nose is superb with some notes of Vanilla, cocoa with light touch of flowers. Very smooth, mellow, long in the palate. Perfect finesse...

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Cognac A.E.DOR EXTRA GRANDE CHAMPAGNE is a superb cognac aged during many decades in small oak barrels... Decanter 70 cl

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Extra, homage to Domaine ABK6 This prestigious carafe contains a Cognac with exceptional character ...

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Very Old "Réserve de la Famille" Cognac André Petit Limited quantity ! This Cognac comes from the Petite Champagne vintage since at the time of its distillation the region was in this vintage It was distilled by my grandfather Goulard, my grandmother's father This Cognac aged over 50 years in our cellars is the result of work constantly oriented...

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XO Extra Cognac André PetitThis Cognac comes from a blend of Cognac over 30 years old and several vintages, Bons Bois, Fins Bois and Petite Champagne, aged in our cellars. It is the result of work constantly oriented towards quality. It was developed using ancestral distillation methods. We make our cuts by following the teachings of our ancestors.

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The name SERENITE has been chosen to reflect the peaceful feeling this unique cognac can bring to you. Presented in decanter

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Extra 1795 Cognac Baron Otard A generous blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, aged in the unique cellars of the chateau...

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Ciel & Terre Cognac Bourgoin - 35 cl - 43° vol Only 1,000 copies of our head of cuvee are produced.The great age of this venerable cognac remains unknown (end of the 19th century?).

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Cognac Bowen Extra : Spirit of Excellence A cognac rich in complex, concentrated aromas...