Hors d'Age + 50 Years Old 

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°11 : This cognac has been blended by Odile Riviere, made only from Grande Champagne. Some vines are even pre-phylloxique...

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°10 : The family treasure. After having reached by 41,5° natural evaporation, it has been put into demijohns...

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°9 : Limited to a few bottles only. This Eau-de vie with a rare finesse is the fruit of blending by DENIEUIL DOR, 80% Grande Champagne and 20% Find Bois...

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The oldest elements of this pure Grande Champagne are from around 1917, while the youngest are from the 1960s.

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Cognac Bertrand Hors d'Age Heritage : Setting aside this lot of eau-de-vie in the 1960s, Raymond Bertrand had perceived all its potential. More than half a century later, his grandchildren decide to share this legacy.

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Très Rare Cognac Brillet « Grand Siècle » 41% of Alc. The « Unique » Cognac Single Grande Champagne... The temperament as well as the opulence of this great cognac is a witness to the extraordinary quality of the eau de vie distilled at the beginning of the 20th century. (Confirmed by an Expert appraisal February 19, 1999).

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Extra Rare, from the Paradise Cellar of Château de Beaulon...

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Limited edition ! To celebrate 150 years, Laurent Vallet has had the privilege of selecting over the years, 6 cognacs with a strong character, perfect reflection of the 6 personalities of the Vallet family. Brandies ranging from 1847 to 2005 for a unique blend of know-how and heritage!

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Cognac Chateau Montifaud Héritage Maurice Vallet :This cognac comes from an exceptional blend of old eaux-de-vis, preciously preserved as Jeanne-Jeanne. With him, you will soak up the very secret atmosphere of Paradise House.

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Naturally aged at 42 °, This Cognac is not filtered.

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DE LUZE EXTRA is composed of a selection of very old eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne area and blended in traditional Cognac Barrels (350L). In this way, De Luze produces a limited series of 500 bottles per barrel, called SINGLE BARREL FINISH.

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Cognac Jacques Denis : Tres Vieille Grande Champagne -"Exclusif" A rare discovery of the complexity, subtlety and typicality of Grande Champagne! One of the oldest cognacs on the estate, kept in barrels until 1996, when it was bottled. Its harvest and distillation goes back more than half a century.