Hors d'Age + 50 Years Old 

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°11 : This cognac has been blended by Odile Riviere, made only from Grande Champagne. Some vines are even pre-phylloxique...

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°10 : The family treasure. After having reached by 41,5° natural evaporation, it has been put into demijohns...

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Cognac A.E Dor Vieille Reserve N°9 : Limited to a few bottles only. This Eau-de vie with a rare finesse is the fruit of blending by DENIEUIL DOR, 80% Grande Champagne and 20% Find Bois...

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The oldest elements of this pure Grande Champagne are from around 1917, while the youngest are from the 1960s.

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Cognac Bertrand Hors d'Age Heritage : Setting aside this lot of eau-de-vie in the 1960s, Raymond Bertrand had perceived all its potential. More than half a century later, his grandchildren decide to share this legacy.

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1919 Célébration Cognac Braastad - Limited Edition to 1919 bottles Blend of our best cognacs from the Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois region. Coming form the oldest eaux-de-vie of the house, some which are centenary, gathered to form this unique & exclusive cognac Each bottle is numbered - Each bottle is dated - Handmade...

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Très Rare Cognac Brillet « Grand Siècle » 41% of Alc. The « Unique » Cognac Single Grande Champagne... The temperament as well as the opulence of this great cognac is a witness to the extraordinary quality of the eau de vie distilled at the beginning of the 20th century. (Confirmed by an Expert appraisal February 19, 1999).

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Extra Rare, from the Paradise Cellar of Château de Beaulon...

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Limited edition ! To celebrate 150 years, Laurent Vallet has had the privilege of selecting over the years, 6 cognacs with a strong character, perfect reflection of the 6 personalities of the Vallet family. Brandies ranging from 1847 to 2005 for a unique blend of know-how and heritage!

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Cognac Chateau Montifaud Héritage Maurice Vallet :This cognac comes from an exceptional blend of old eaux-de-vis, preciously preserved as Jeanne-Jeanne. With him, you will soak up the very secret atmosphere of Paradise House.

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Naturally aged at 42 °, This Cognac is not filtered.

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DE LUZE EXTRA is composed of a selection of very old eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne area and blended in traditional Cognac Barrels (350L). In this way, De Luze produces a limited series of 500 bottles per barrel, called SINGLE BARREL FINISH.