Hors d'Age + 50 Years Old 

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DE LUZE EXTRA is composed of a selection of very old eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne area and blended in traditional Cognac Barrels (350L). In this way, De Luze produces a limited series of 500 bottles per barrel, called SINGLE BARREL FINISH.

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Cognac Jacques Denis : Tres Vieille Grande Champagne -"Exclusif" A rare discovery of the complexity, subtlety and typicality of Grande Champagne! One of the oldest cognacs on the estate, kept in barrels until 1996, when it was bottled. Its harvest and distillation goes back more than half a century.

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Extra L'Art de Vie Cognac J. Dupont - Grande Champagne 1st cru of Cognac More than a Cognac, it’s an ode to the French living, an exceptional moment, it’s an event in and of itself… L’Art de Vie ! Presented in crystal decanter

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This Cognac, Out of Age, Estève Ancestral Reserve, grown by my father, is a great digestive. This age-old Cognac draws from its blend all the aromatic richness of an exceptional cognac.

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The cognac Héritage was decidedly a beautiful discovery as it is the result of blends of the oldest eaux-de-vie stored on the estate, the sign of a successful transmission combining both exceptional Cognacs and the cellar Master’s talent.

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This rare Cognac, Cognac Plénitude Estève, the oldest of our property is a tribute that I give to my great-grandfather, François Adrien Hitier, born in 1858. This limited series is a cognac of meditation and sharing. But it is above all the story of a transmission that has succeeded over time in changing a profession into art.

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Cognac François Voyer Ancestral N ° 8, 186 bottles, is the fourth blend of François Voyer eaux de vie from this series and preserves this equally exclusive spirit from their oldest cognacs

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Cuvée Plume Frapin Cognac Frapin Exceptional Cuvée

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Extra Hors d'Age Cognac Godet Cognac "Very Old" Aging from 20 to 70 years in oak barrels. Blending: Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Fine wood

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Renaissance Grande Champagne Cognac GodetCognac Paradis from 70 to 170 years of aging. Saved from war thanks to a winery under walled land during the occupation. Blending: 1er Cru Grande Champagne

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Cognac de Collection Jean Grosperrin "Tresor" N°24 Grande Champagne It is the widow of a former broker, passionate about old cognacs, who sold Jean Grosperrin these very old champagnes. In wooden box

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Cognac de Collection Jean Grosperrin "Tresor" N°22 Grande Champagne Exceptional blend of two perfectly complementary cognacs! In wooden box