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ABK6 1985 vintage exclusively from 6 small barrels: FP1, FP2, FP15, FP65, FP66 and FP77 Chai Paradis. Produced in 1985, we bottled 2820 bottles in January 2015.

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Cognac Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1992 Fins Bois

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Cognac Bache Gabrielsen Vintage 1971 Borderies

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BOURGOIN MICRO BARRIQUE COGNAC is a 22 years old XO cognac (1994), finished in micro-barrel, 10 litres, crocodile heater. This new production method turns the cognac to something suave and heavily flavoured. The “boursinage crocodile” and the cask size result in a softened cognac and transfers aromas sublimating this “fins bois” eau-de-vie.

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Bourgoin Micro Barrique Cognac Brut de Fût 1994 : Faithfull to the Bourgoin Cognac philosophy, this cask strength vintage 1994 is the perfect reflection of its region of origin. This eau-de-vie is unblended and bottled with no reduction and no filtration...

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XO Vintage 1975, A remarkable Vintage of Château de Beaulon...

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Courvoisier 12 Year Old features unique and extraordinary cognac not less than 12 years old, representing the perfect moment in time when age and cru meet at the peak of their potential.

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Courvoisier 21 Year Old features unique and extraordinary cognac not less than 21 years old, allowing the maturing cognac to blossom and achieve its full aroma and flavour potential.

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Cognac Delamain Vintage 1963 Grande Champagne : is available in very limited quantity with only 180 bottles available worldwide.

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Cognac Delamain Vintage 1966 Grande Champagne 1st Cru de Cognac