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A.E.DOR NAPOLEON is a perfect blend of three different growths. It mixes the maturity of the Petite Champagne, the vigour and vivacity of the Borderies and the finesse and length of the Grande Champagne.

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Embleme Cognac is a perfect blend between two beautiful growths : Grande Champagne and Fins Bois. Aged in a oak barrels during long years in our cellars at Jarnac...

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Reserve Artist Collection - Limited Edition Cognac ABK6 Bottles numbered from 1 to 5000! We exhibit in our cellars the works of the local artist Julien Drevelle, surrounded by oak barrels containing our precious cognacs. These paintings live and evolve thanks to the angels and allow our cognacs to age harmoniously. Fine and intensely aromatic!

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Napoleon Cognac André Petit This Cognac comes from a blend of 13 and 15 year old Cognac and several vintages, Bons Bois and Fins Bois, aged in our cellars. It is the result of work constantly oriented towards quality. It was developed using ancestral distillation methods. We make our cuts by following the teachings of our ancestors.

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Cognac Napoleon Bernard Boutinet : More intense in colour, Cognac Napoleon carries us away to a spicy vanilla and cinnamon-flavoured world...

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Cognac Bertrand Napoléon : Aged between 15 and 20 years in Limousin oak.

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Cognac Bowen Napoleon : Equilibrium of Aromas Round and harmonious, carrying all the subtle fragance of wild violets and jasmine, typical of the finest Borderies...

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CAMUS ILE DE RE FINE ISLAND COGNAC DOUBLE MATURED owes its character to a unique ageing technique...

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Cognac Napoleon Chabasse : The long ageing of this Cognac reveals the vanilla aromas of Limousin oak...

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Grande Fine : A 12 years old Cognac -  Château de Beaulon...

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Napoleon : A 20 years old Cognac - Château de Beaulon...

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Special Reserve "Michel Vallet" Cognac Château Montifaud : Carafe Helios 70 cl The assembly of a "gentleman" A special and unique quality, originally created by Michel for the transition to the year 2000!