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Cognac Park is known for its elegant, delicate, and light character

Cognac Park is known for its elegant, delicate, and light character.


Producers, growers, and distillers since 1880, the Tessendier family have been producers of Cognac Park since its creation.
The artisan and unadelterated style of Cognac Park make it and exceptional and pure product.


The style and presentation of Cognac Park remain unique.
The nose of a cognac is especially important. The nose of Cognac Park is light with hints of stewed fruit, honey and vanilla, confirmed on the palate by the suggestion of cigar boxes, Christmas pudding, horse saddles and mushrooms. It is no secret that the older the eaux-de-vie the more interesting and softer the cognac; all my blends are appreciably older than the minimum legal

393,50 €

Cognac Park Vintage 1970 Fins Bois

30,00 €

Cognac Park VS highlights the remarkably unadulterated style typical of cognac Park while providing a satisfying and enjoyable tasting experience...

145,00 €

Cognac Park Chai N°8 (21 years old) Petite Champagne

36,90 €

VSOP Park : Unlike any other VSOP, the unique fusion of crisp flavors makes this cognac easy to drink and delectable...

67,22 €

Cognac Park Borderies : It finished by leaving a smooth, supple, long, and memorable taste...

99,00 €

Cognac Park XO : The balance between finesse and complexity makes this cognac very notable on the palette...

249,00 €

Cognac Park XO Cigar Bland Vieille Fine Champagne is made from exceptional grapes thus resulting in a cognac of outstanding quality...

212,50 €

Cognac Park XO Extra Grande Champagne : The top of the range that must lie alongside the very best of all Cognacs...

369,00 €

Cognac Park Vintage 1972 Petite Champagne : this Cognac offers a variety of aromas such as dried apricots, blackcurrant, finishing with notes of pink grapefruit...

80,00 €

Cognac Park Chai N°5 - Single Barrel 2006 Borderies / 45° No contractual picture

83,00 €

Cognac Park Chai N°8 - Single Barrel 2004 Borderies / 41° No contractual picture