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43,50 €

A pale golden colour, a fruity aroma, lively, spicy flavours enhanced by a hint of vanilla, offering lots of finesse on the palate. The Gautier VS, a young, well-balanced cognac, can ideally be enjoyed on the rocks or in a cocktail.

60,00 €

An amber colour, a subtle nose of vanilla with aromas of dried fruit. A rich, balanced Cognac. The Gautier VSOP, enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a long drink with soda, reveals all its refreshing flavours.

446,50 €

This Cognac benefits from its powerfulness, first evidenced by its mahogany colour and its vanilla nose and then by its rich, complex aromas combining the mellowness of candied fruit subsequently enhanced by its spiciness and intense notes of «rancio»...

276,50 €

Its amber colour is shot through with flashes of mahogany and rosewood. The nose offers an extraordinary richness of complex aromas with hints of vanilla, dried fruit and woodiness. The XO Pinar Del Rio, to be enjoyed neat with a Havana cigar, is the ideal gift for cigar lovers.

1 927,00 €

A TASTE TEMPTATION Many will say it tastes of eternity, real connoisseurs will notice a very elegant and intense bouquet of candied fruits, a tang of bitter orange wrapped in divinely sweet honey.

15,00 €

A golden yellow colour with a lovely limpid brightness. A nose of fruit, grapes, plum and honey encapsulated in a harmonious softness of aromas. Mellow and lingering on the palate, the white Pineau from Gautier is superbly well balanced.

15,00 €

Flashes of red and a lovely brightness, this Pineau offers a nose of soft fruit (blackcurrant and raspberry) followed by a delightful lingering softness on the palate.

18,50 €

Powerful, generous flavours of candied fruit, honey and walnut. Round and full-bodied on the palate with an extraordinarily complex body of aromas. Long and lingering with an exceptional finish. To be enjoyed neat as an aperitif or with foie gras or any chocolate dessert.

180,00 €

Floral aromas with hints of toast and cinnamon. The XO is a subtle, round and harmonious Cognac. On the palate, the taste explodes with all the aromas of candied fruit in a generous, mellow and particularly harmonious blend offering all the splendid length which is so characteristic of old Cognacs.

382,50 €

This is a Cognac which offers a rich and delicate nose combining the complexity of its spices with the softness of vanilla, backed by floral aromas giving it all its elegance. It is well-balanced on the palate between powerfulness and finesse. The initial roundness proves to be a lasting feature.

30,00 €

Sève by Gautier : The Cellar Master of Maison Gautier has selected the finest blends from the Fine Champagne area which, combined with a consummate blend of plant extracts, give a powerful liqueur with a delicate and harmonious vanilla flavour...