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Cognac Pasquet

39,00 €

Cognac Pasquet VS l'Organic 04 Grande Champagne : Beautiful golden yellow color

133,50 €

Cognac Pasquet Tres Vieille Reserve Grande Champagne : Its deep color takes on a cashew hue which reveals its respectable age...

87,50 €

Cognac Pasquet XO 25 ans Grande Champagne : The well-completed aging process is denoted here by flavors of dried and preserved fruits...

50,50 €

Cognac Pasquet Tradition Familiale 15 ans Grande Champagne : The Grande Champagne "terroirs" are represented in this Cognac.

48,00 €

Cognac Pasquet L'organic VSOP 7 ans Grande Champagne : This Cognac has a charming...

67,00 €

Cognac Pasquet l'Organic 10 ans Grande Champagne : Complex notes of tobacco, cocoa and gingerbread distingish the bouquet of this Cognac...