List of products by manufacturer La Grange du Bois

Distilled property since 1727

Distilled property since 1727

A very old property (XVIIth century) in the heart of Cognac region which continue to preserve its traditional secrets.

Visit our family, traditional property, our old village, taste our products in the cellar with your friends or in a group. Take with you a Pineau or Cognac or both as their quality and authenticity is guarantied.

40,00 €

This Cognac VSOP La Grange du Bois enters adulthood, the wood has released its aroma and becomes more flexible.

48,00 €

Cognac Napoleon La Grange du Bois : Assembly of distilled spirits with an average age of 15.

81,00 €

Cognac XO La Grange du Bois : Assembly of distilled spirits with an average age of 30 years.

304,00 €

Cognac "L" Tres Vieille Reserve Familiale La Grange du Bois : This Cognac is distilled in our small still, aged since 1947 in oak barrels away from our cellars. An exception ! 60 ans ( wooden box ) - 70 cl.

25,00 €

Vieux Pineau Blanc - La Grange du Bois : Aged in oak barrels for more than 10 years.

192,00 €

Cognac Extra La Grange du Bois :  Cognac Extra is a very old brandy whose flavor and aromas perfectly reflect the long years spent in oak barrels. Warm, round, with a subtle bouquet, Cognac Extra brings together the exceptional qualities of another time Presented in a serigraphed luxury decanter - 70 cl

15,50 €

Pineau Blanc - La Grange de Bois : Aged in oak barrels. Ugni Blanc and Colombard grape varieties 75 cl