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Cognac Jacques Denis

27,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : VS -Assembly of several cognacs, the youngest of which have at least three years of aging in oak barrels.

38,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : VSOP - Grande ChampagneAssembly of several harvests of Grande Champagne, average age of aging eight years. Beautiful golden color coming from its passage in oak barrels.

58,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : XO - Grande Champagne A beautiful XO of an average age of aging twenty years!

76,50 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : XO - Grande Champagne Presented in decanter 70 cl A beautiful XO of an average age of aging twenty years!

85,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : Extra -Grande ChampagneBlend of several Grande Champagne harvests, average age of thirty years old.

146,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : Vieille Reserve - Une vieille Grande Champagne en quantité limité, cet assemblage provient des récoltes des années cinquante et soixante. Sa couleur dorée intense témoigne de ses nombreuses années passées en fûts de chêne.

139,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : Millésime 1994 Beautiful aromatic intensity! Melted wood, ripe fruits,

550,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : Tres Vieille Grande Champagne -"Exclusif" A rare discovery of the complexity, subtlety and typicality of Grande Champagne! One of the oldest cognacs on the estate, kept in barrels until 1996, when it was bottled. Its harvest and distillation goes back more than half a century.

235,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : Vieille Reserve - Presented in Decanter 70 cl An old Grande Champagne in limited quantity, this assemblage comes from harvests of the fifties and sixties. Its intense golden color reflects its many years spent in oak barrels.

139,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis Millesime 1995 A nice length in the mouth!Discreet oaky, fruity notes.

139,00 €

Cognac Jacques Denis : Brut de Fut Millésime 1996 - Grande ChampagneA cognac of character! Image of Grande Champagne!