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Cognac Bisquit : Authenticity & Openness to the World

Cognac Bisquit : The House of Bisquit Cognacs was founded in 1819 in the heart of France, from the spirit of one man: Alexandre Bisquit.
While discovering the world to promote his Cognacs, he understood how important it is, beyond one’s business, to give things time and to cultivate privileged moments as Time is what you make it. A life philosophy that he decided to implement for the elaboration of his Cognacs.

29,50 €

Cognac Bisquit : VS Classique - To fully savour this beautifully balanced, generous and full in mouth Cognac, savour neat.

49,50 €

Cognac Bisquit : VSOP - Ripe fruits aromas already expressed on the nose and supple notes of honeysuckle, citrus and mango delight the palate.

66,00 €

Cognac Bisquit : Prestige - To fully appreciate the stunning balance of flavours and the rich and ample aftertaste, enjoy it neat.

108,00 €

Cognac Bisquit : XO - To fully appreciate the beautiful balance of flavours in this silky, sumptuous Cognac, savour neat and experience its wonderfully lingering finish.

935,00 €

Cognac Bisquit Interlude is the First Expression of the Rare Collection. This Collection is an exclusive blend of only twenty barrels. Each year, only two of these twenty barrels will be bottled, thus offering a very limited edition (1000 bottles). Composed of 77% Grande Champagne and 23% Petite Champagne, Interlude is a Fine Champagne blend.