List of products by supplier: Le Maine Castay

Cognac, Le Maine Castay

25,00 €

Cognac Castay : VS - Aging much higher than what is commonly done (average age 4 years), our VS is dry, floral and fragrant

35,50 €

Cognac Castay : VSOP - Aging much higher than is commonly done (average age 8 years), our VSOP has been poorly filtered so as to keep the maximum structure and aromas.

46,50 €

Cognac Castay : Vieille Reserve - This 15-year-old cognac develops a light rancio, vanilla aromas and an astonishing liquorice finish. Connoisseurs will appreciate the strength and purity of this cognac at 42% vol.

88,50 €

Cognac Castay : La Part des Hommes / Brut de Fut

75,50 €

XO Cognac Le Maine Castay - Fins Bois 50 cl - 43%vol. This cognac has an average age of 25 years!