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Cognac Logis de Montifaud : The Landreau have been winegrowers for 5 generations.

Landreau family
The Landreau have been winegrowers for 5 generations.
In 1840, Pierre Landreau, a wind miller, realised that the arrival of the steam engine would put his job at risk. As a result, he decided to change jobs. He therefore bought a few acres at the Metairie and he became the first winegrower in the family.

Pierre, his son, followed the same ambition but enlarged the estate. Emile, Pierre's son fathered 2 sons, Paul and Pierre. Paul perpetuated the Criteuil property and Pierre bought the Logis de Montifaud in March 1959.
The oldest Cognacs aged in the Logis de Montifaud were produced by Emile Landreau between 1929 and 1959 in Criteuil La Magdeleine, one of the 28 villages in Grande Champagne.

23,58 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : VS - The VS is recognizable by its pale colour and peach and pear aromas. In the mouth one discovers a straight entry and a vanilla taste.

32,11 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : VSOP - This Cognac already reveals authenticity. Its amber colour has fire-red tints from tannins, wood and copper. Spicy nose, lively and subtle flavour. The palate is fruity, spicy and woody.

41,64 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : Napoleon - The harmony between spicy and fruity aromas shows a rounded Cognac. The nose and the palate identify a floral spirit.

52,50 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : Vieille Reserve - Time has done its work : in the mouth one discovers a sumptuous taste known as rancio by connoisseurs.

81,77 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : XO - This Cognac shows a stamp of the "cru Grande Champagne" which gives a full-bodied spirit. The palate is fine and rounded and at the same time exceptionally spicy, vanilla-like, elegant and silky releasing all the flavours of Grande Champagne.

222,74 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : Hors d'Age - This outstanding and unique Cognac is obtained by a blend over several years, distilled by Emile Landreau arround the years 1950.