List of products by supplier: Logis de Montifaud

Cognac, Logis de Montifaud

23,58 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : VS - The VS is recognizable by its pale colour and peach and pear aromas. In the mouth one discovers a straight entry and a vanilla taste.

32,11 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : VSOP - This Cognac already reveals authenticity. Its amber colour has fire-red tints from tannins, wood and copper. Spicy nose, lively and subtle flavour. The palate is fruity, spicy and woody.

41,64 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : Napoleon - The harmony between spicy and fruity aromas shows a rounded Cognac. The nose and the palate identify a floral spirit.

52,50 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : Vieille Reserve - Time has done its work : in the mouth one discovers a sumptuous taste known as rancio by connoisseurs.

81,77 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : XO - This Cognac shows a stamp of the "cru Grande Champagne" which gives a full-bodied spirit. The palate is fine and rounded and at the same time exceptionally spicy, vanilla-like, elegant and silky releasing all the flavours of Grande Champagne.

222,74 €

Cognac Logis de Montifaud : Hors d'Age - This outstanding and unique Cognac is obtained by a blend over several years, distilled by Emile Landreau arround the years 1950.