List of products by supplier: Forgeron

Family owned for over 100 years, Michel and Francine Forgeron developed with passion since 1965, elegant, authentic and exceptional quality cognac.

92,00 €

Old Reserve Forgeron Cognac : An emotion to savor with closed eyes.

69,50 €

Cognac Forgeron XO : The elegance of this XO will perfectly accompany a Petit Corona cigar from Quintero, thanks to its aromas of spices and leather.

45,50 €

Cognac Forgeron VSOP : A bright and fresh Cognac, to serve on ice. Try to add a line of syrup for your appetizers. Frozen, it will marry perfectly with the delicacy of marinated scallops.

28,50 €

Cognac Forgeron VS : La fraicheur du VS Michel Forgeron lui permet d’être consommé très facilement pour l’apéritif, sur glace ou en cocktails.Essayez notamment le classique Cognac-tonic qui révélera délicatement tous ses arômes.

186,00 €

Cognac Forgeron Hors d'Age : An exceptional Cognac.

58,00 €

Cognac Forgeron Napoleon : A Napoleon of great elegance, to accompany with an apricot pie to recall the notes of yellow fruit compote.