List of products by manufacturer Remi Landier

The origin of Rémi Landier dates back to the late 19th century, when Julien Girard (Remi Landier’s grandfather) stood at Cors, a hamlet in the Fins Bois region, and planted in 1890 his first vines. The site was then already renowned for the quality of its eaux-de-vie.

Realizing the uniqueness of their terroir and the eaux-de-vie it produces, Remi Landier and his sons created in 1973 their eponymous brand of cognac. As distillers for some of Cognac’s largest trading houses, they only produce a small quantity under their own label. For this reason, Remi Landier has long been in the heart of cognac experts.

Today, Jean-Yves Landier and his daughter Geraldine, fourth and fifth generation of producers, offer a full range of cognacs: VS to XO as well as rare and limited editions. Their Pineaux des Charentes also benefits from an excellent reputation.

683,50 €

Cognac Rémi Landier Extra Tradition : résulte de l’assemblage de vieilles eaux-de-vie de Grande Champagne héritée d’Ernest Aubineau aïeul de la famille et de rares Fins Bois du domaine, Rémi Landier Extra est une édition très limitée.

79,00 €

Cognac Rémi Landier XO Vieille Réserve : is a subtle, elegant eau-de-vie...

50,00 €

Cognac Rémi Landier VSOP :  is blend of Fins Bois eaux-de-vie aged for five years in French oak barrels...

39,00 €

Cognac Rémi Landier VS :  is a blend of Fins Bois eaux-de-vie aged for three years in French oak barrels.

45,00 €

Cognac Remi Landier Special Pale Fins Bois :  is a product of family-owned vineyards...

299,00 €

Cognac Remi Landier Tres Vieux Fins Bois : from the family reserve was distilled by Rémi Landier over 40 years ago...

395,00 €

Cognac Remi Landier Heritage Coupe N°2 : This 2nd edition of the Cognac Heritage is a blend of rares eaux de vie exclusively coming from the Fins Bois area of Cognac, distilled and aged by the Landier family until 2015, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Rémi Landier.

69,00 €

Cognac Remi Landier Napoléon : blend of Fins Bois and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie aged for over nine years in French oak barrels...

139,00 €

Cognac Remi Landier XO Artisanal : aged for about 20 years,  is full bodied, fruity and shows great depth.

401,50 €

Cognac Rémi Landier Très Vieux Fins Bois 40th Birthday

285,00 €

Cognac Remi Landier Tres Vieux Grande Champagne : from the family reserve was distilled by Rémi Landier over 40 years ago...

75,00 €

Napoléon Viti-Collection Organic Cask Single Lot 2011 Cognac Remi Landier :This cognac comes from the production of a first cousin of J-Y Landier, JPA, winemaker / distiller in the heart of Fins Bois for 5 generations on an exceptional terroir: the plateau of Saint Simeux Its traffic jams are rare and we wanted to enhance its know-how strictly using...