List of products by supplier: Tiffon

37,00 €

Tiffon VSOP: is a careful blend of several selected cognacs and elaborated mainly from grapes grown in chalky hillside of Fins Bois region.

30,00 €

Tiffon VS is a blend of several « Eaux-de-vie » specially selected for their freshness from the best growing areas at the Cognac region.

82,00 €

Tiffon XO is a blend of several old « Eaux-de-Vie » from Cognac’s finestgrowing regions, carefully matured in our cellars.

258,00 €

Tiffon Extra is a collected most exquisite vintage cognacs, hidden away bu three generations.

51,50 €

Château de Triac - VSOP Single Vineyards

133,50 €

Tiffon's Cognac Vieux Superieur is a blend of vintage Cognacs matured for over 70 years and selected by master blender, Richard Braastad.

118,50 €

Château de Triac – Reserve de la Famille

191,50 €

Cognac Tiffon Tres Vieille Reserve Grande 1st Cognac cru