List of products by manufacturer Bertrand

Cognac Bertrand

In the heart of one of the two premier growing regions of Cognac which make up the Fine Champagne, the Bertrand family has passed down from generation to generation, since 1731, the art of cultivating the vines. And so, our products are as natural and authentic as those of our ancestors.

Our trademark, the Wibdmill of Bel'Air, the last of the town of Reaux, is surrounded by our vines, symbolic of our history, our heritage and the quality of our cognacs.

65,00 €

Cognac Bertrand Napoléon : Aged between 15 and 20 years in Limousin oak.

29,00 €

Cognac Bertrand VS : 5 year old blend

43,50 €

Cognac Bertrand VSOP : Aged between 10 and 15 years in Limousin oak. Its time spent in young barrels gives a floral sweetness.

252,00 €

Cognac Bertrand Hors d'Age Heritage : Setting aside this lot of eau-de-vie in the 1960s, Raymond Bertrand had perceived all its potential. More than half a century later, his grandchildren decide to share this legacy.

99,00 €

Cognac Bertrand XO : A 35-year-old XO cognac with a generous, fruity, and seductive taste - for palates seeking roundness and intensity !