List of products by manufacturer Renault

A History of Excellence

Renault Cognac House is celebrating the 180th Anniversary.

At Renault, we have a long history of high-quality cognacs and we are maintaining the legacy of Renault’s style.

Jean Antonin Renault, a 25-year-old Charentais businessman created Renault Cognac in the town of Cognac in 1835. He enjoyed a reputation as an innovator who appreciated true quality. Renault was the first cognac maker to ship his cognac in bottles which guaranteed that the cognac kept its original taste and delicate flavours. Renault was a great voyager and he started to sell cognac during his travels to Scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Europe, Iceland, the Americas and Asia.

37,50 €

Cognac Renault Bleu Nuit VS has been expertly blended using long-maturing eaux-de-vie aged in hand-made Limousine oak barrels

94,50 €

Cognac Renault Carte Noire Extra Old : The iconic blend was created in 1876 – making it one of the oldest cognac recipes still in use.

276,50 €

Cognac Renault Carte d’Argent XO is a superbly harmonious blend of very old eaux-de-vies.

50,00 €

Cognac Renault Carte Noire V.S.O.P is a premium V.S.O.P for cognac lovers who enjoy excellence

277,00 €

Cognac Renault Heritage Collection Vintage 1989 Petite Champagne

52,50 €

L'Age du Temps RENAULT Cognac : 50 cl Since its creation in 1835, J.A. Renault has been developing rare cognacs, with particular attention to mastering the fundamental stage of aging in oak barrels. Witness the Age of Time!