List of products by supplier: Polignac

25,08 €

The VS from the Prince Hubert de Polignac range exudes a golden hue with glints of orange.

40,25 €

Richly golden with amber highlights, the VSOP Prince Hubert de Polignac releases an elegant bouquet of fruity and spicy notes. Its rich aroma exudes notes of candied peaches and prunes, wrapped in vanilla and almond cream.

66,00 €

The XO from the Prince Hubert de Polignac range adorns itself with an amber robe of vintage gold, characteristic of its maturity.  A rich and complex bouquet reveals autumnal notes of wood and spices.  Its aromas of honey, cinnamon and gingerbread are enveloped with delicate notes of vanilla wood.

52,50 €

Environmentally friendly, Prince Hubert de Polignac reveals this Cognac VSOP Organic, its long lasting sweetness echoes  with citrus fruits, cinnamon and vanilla.

85,50 €

A voluptuous and amber blend of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne epitomizes the style of the XO ROYAL. An exquisite union of delicate fruity notes, almond and gingerbread. Its long lastingness flavours are constantly maturing with time and enriched by tannins, liberating spicy, tropical and woody aromas.

1 996,66 €

The hand-made Sèvres crystal decanter and wooden box symbolise perfect craftsmanship. Both are true works of art and so, a perfect shelter for this extra-old nectar and an appropriate enhancement to its pure brilliance, to its mahogany colour brightened by flashes of paler gold.

2 498,33 €

Héritage du Prince is an exceptional blend of four eaux-de-vie coming from Grande Champagne, sleeping in the Prince Hubert de Polignac Paradise. Its warm and voluptuous amber colour invites to discovery. Its long and complex aromatic persistence carries us in a whirl of flavours of oak wood, cedar wood, gingerbread, cocoa and candied fruits.

375,00 €

This blend of very old eaux-de-vie, selected from the Prince de Polignac cellars, endows the cognac Extra Grande Champagne with mellowness and roundness, famous features of rancio of the Charente terroir.