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The Normandin-Mercier House was established in 1872 by Jules NORMANDIN, a Cognac brooker and landowner.
The site of the Property, close to La Rochelle, is the result of a strategic choice of the XIXth century. At this time, the city was the major export harbour for Cognac, both located on the coast and on the rail network.
This exceptional site offers the perfect ageing for Cognac with a very natural regulation of hygrometry and temperature. In these cellars, there are only Cognac from Grande and Petite Champagne.

115,00 €

Normandin Mercier XO Cognac Grande Champagne

115,00 €

Normandin Mercier La Péraudiere Cognac Grande Champagne

310,00 €

Cognac Normadin Mercier Grabde Champagne Rare

300,00 €

Cognac Normandin Mercier Rare Petite Champagne

410,00 €

Cognac Normandin Mercier : Vintage 1976 Petite Champagne

790,00 €

Le Cognac “Très Vieille Champagne” de Normandin Mercier est le témoignage suprême des plus vielles eaux de vie de la Maison, datant de la fondation en 1872.

40,00 €

Cognac VSOP Normandin Mercier Petite Champagne

95,00 €

Cognac Normandin Mercier Grande Champagne 2006 - 10 years

59,00 €

Compose your own Christmas Cognac Normandin-Mercier ! Edouard Normandin has selected a very floral Petite Champagne which fits perfectly with our special mix of spices and candied fruits.