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BOURGOIN COGNAC is a real winegrower's cognac. The family estate is located in the village of Tarsac, in the commune of Saint Saturnin, in Charente (France).

Our cognacs are sincere and authentic. Here no long speeches, the truth is at the bottom of the bottle. You will find the emotion of a great cognac. Receive this punch, like a gift.

Dazzle or light amazement, you will not come back unscathed.

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Bourgoin Cognac is a global vision of the work of a winegrower. From the soil and the grapes, to the know-how, to the finished product and the transmission.

Bourgoin Cognac's ambition is to dust off the image of cognac in order to make French consumers rediscover it.

To do this, it cultivates the grapes, vinifies, distils and ages the brandies on site.

His approach goes further. Cognac is made without blending, filtration, colouring or added sugar. It is bottled by hand, by vintage, by parcel and by barrel.

This is how Bourgoin Cognac puts "nature and mankind back at the heart of the cognac making process".

65,00 €

MICRO BARRIQUE 1998 COGNAC BOURGOIN 35cl - 43,0° This new production method turns the cognac to something suave and heavily flavoured. The “boursinage crocodile” and the cask size result in a softened cognac and transfers aromas sublimating this “fins bois” eau-de-vie.

88,50 €

Cognac Bourgoin Fine Pale 62,5° - Thought and elaborated for mixology, Fine Pale is a young cognac bottled at cask strength after 2 years maturation. Its minimal coloring makes it an invisible addition to cocktails.

75,00 €

Bourgoin Micro Barrique Cognac Brut de Fût 1998 : 35cl Faithfull to the Bourgoin Cognac philosophy, this cask strength vintage 1994 is the perfect reflection of its region of origin. This eau-de-vie is unblended and bottled with no reduction and no filtration...

395,00 €

Ciel & Terre Cognac Bourgoin - 35 cl - 43° vol Only 1,000 copies of our head of cuvee are produced.The great age of this venerable cognac remains unknown (end of the 19th century?).

65,00 €

Double Lies 2010 Cognac Bourgoin : 70cl à 45% vol. DOUBLE-LIE is distilled with double the amount of lees usually contained in the toasting wine.

20,00 €

Verjus Ecological acidifier Cognac Bourgoin Traditional culinary acidifier, made in Charente.

20,00 €

Sucre de Raisin Cognac Bourgoin Grape sugar syrup!Low glycemic index, high sweetness, neutral taste.Made from Ugni Blanc grapes, its 65Brix plant sugar content makes it a perfect healthy, responsible and tasty substitute for Agave syrups.