List of products by manufacturer Dobbé

The Dobbé family has been producing exceptional cognacs in Salignac-sur-Charente, a small village near Cognac in France, for eight generations. The family’s vineyard estate extends mainly over the Petite Champagne area, one of the largest and most prestigious cru in Charente.

It all started around 1787, when the family’s ancestors acquired a few acres of vines. Then, gradually, harvest after harvest, each vineyard began to produce its first cognacs. There have been eight successive generations of passionate wine growers and distillers on this challenging land, passing down from father to son and from mother to daughter their authentic Savoir-faire in producing prestigious eaux-de-vie.

The house of DOBBÉ is recognised for its strong values and guided by generations who love the land. Michel Dobbé and his wife, a descendant of the founder, have managed to combine tradition and modernity to produce charming, high-quality DOBBÉ cognacs. Today, the new generation continues the family heritage.

48,00 €

DOBBÉ Cognac VSOP : a delicious pleasure

75,00 €

DOBBÉ Cognac 10-year old : the choice of the connoisseurs

119,00 €

Cognac Dobbe XO EXtra : a wealth of flavours

189,00 €

Cognac Dobbe XO Grand Century : The taste of Excellence

1 250,00 €

Cognac Dobbe Heritage Petite Champagne : The power of character

37,00 €

DOBBÉ Cognac VS (Very Special), the passport to a full-flavoured world