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The Meukow House was founded in the 19th century. In 1850, Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow, two brothers from Silesia, were sent to France by Tsar Alexander II of Russia with orders to secure the supply of cognac for the Court. After several voyages, they decided to set up a commercial office in the town of Cognac and founded the A.C. MEUKOW & Co. House on 1 August 1862

51,00 €

Cognac Meukow 90 is the exclusive selection titrating 45% of alcohol.

33,00 €

Cognac Meukow VS is characterised by its well-balanced blend between the roundness of its fruity notes and the delicacy of its woody nuances.

55,00 €

Cognac Meukow VSOP Superior : Its incredible roundness is the fruit of the meticulous selection of eaux-de-vie entering in its blend and the minimum ageing requirement which is one year longer than the traditional VSOP.

125,00 €

Cognac Meukow XO is the fruit of the blend that combines the power of the tannins brought by the long ageing in oak wood barrels and the delicacy of Grande and Petite Champagne eaux-de-vie with the sweetness of Fins and Bons Bois eaux-de-vie.

152,00 €

Cognac Meukow XO Grande Champagne is the exclusive blend of Grande Champagne, first cru of Cognac.

340,50 €

Cognac Meukow Extra : The cognacs entering in the blend of Meukow Extra are meticulously selected by the Cellar Master within the oldest cognacs preciously kept in the Paradis Cellar.

4 432,00 €

Cognac Meukow Nec Plus Ultra is the pure heritage of the experience of the Meukow House, glorifying the oldest eaux-de-vie kept with great attention in the Paradis Cellar. The decanter drawings, created by the prestigious Baccarat House, date back to 1950.

861,00 €

Cognac Meukow 1862 Esprit de Famille : Unique blend of the most prestigious cognacs of the House, Meukow Esprit de Famille reveals the splendours of the heritage and the pride of perpetuating this tradition throughout the world.

55,50 €

Cognac Meukow ARIMA : The Signature of Bunji Garlin MEUKOW ARIMA is a special and unique blend. Its Perfect balance between elegance & roundness is particularly appreciated "on the rocks"

28,50 €

Vanilla Cognac Meukow : Meukow vanilla is the subtle blend of Cognac Meukow and vanilla aromas. The aromas harmony shows the perfect balance in between the cognac, long and delicate, and the vanilla, silky and powerful, offering a new sensation to be enjoyed on the rocks or as a cocktail.

26,50 €

Xpresso Cognac Meukow : Meukow Xpresso is a coffee and cognac liquor which the smoothness and sweetness reveal powerful aromas of roasted coffee, burnt oak, dark chocolate and bitter orange. This liquor is suggested frozen, as a cocktail and with desserts.

35,50 €

Limited Edition "Black Panther" VS Cognac Meukow A special edition thanks to its random decoration with black sparkles, giving a unique design on each bottle and reminding the panther’s coat. This special blend, created by our Celar Master – Mrs. Anne Sarteaux.