List of products by supplier: Lheraud

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Cognac Lheraud Carafe Eve - Cognac Lot N° 0934    Richly nuanced, with notes of vanilla and orange peel. A long, mellow finish.

189,00 €

Cognac Lheraud XO Charles VII (40 years old) : Full-bodied, complex and opulent, expressing a wide range of notes, with hints of vanilla, roasted coffee beans and hazelnuts. A fine balance and a long finish. Presented in decanter

174,50 €

Cognac Lheraud XO Eugénie (30 years old) : remarkably opulent yet elegant with aromas of walnuts, dried apricots and a touch of vanilla and sweet spices on the finish. Presented in decanter

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Cognac Lheraud Carafe Adam - Cognac Lot N° 0934   Deluxe Carafe - Cigar Humidor Set  Richly nuanced, with notes a vanilla and orange peel. A long, mellow finish.

678,00 €

Cognac Lheraud Art du Temps - Cognac Lot N° 0973   Very well rounded, aromas of vanilla and crème brûlée, a fine finish with hints of citrus fruit evoking orange marmalade.

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Cognac Lheraud Cuvée 20 Renaissance - Spacious and opulent, with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and orange zest.

79,00 €

Cognac Lheraud Cuvée 10 Renaissance - Awell-balanced cognac with fresh aromas of citrus fruit and sweet spices.

52,00 €

VSOP Emotion Cognac LheraudNice balance, aromas of raisins, a touch of vanilla and a hint of cream brulee finish and a hint of citrus.

131,50 €

Cognac Lheraud XO Obusto : Very elegant with delicious spicy scents and honeyed almond aromas, enhanced with notes of leather, earth and toast. Perfect for savoring with a fine Cuban cigar.

140,00 €

Cognac Lheraud Extra (30 years old) : Opulent, with a beautiful finish, complex and long on the palate with an array of sweet notes and sweet spices.

188,50 €

Cognac Lheraud XO Charles X (30 years old) : Rich and complex with a long-lasting finish and touches of vanilla, crème brûlée and candied pear.

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Cognac Lheraud XO Vieux Millenaire (25 years old) : ample, intense aromas, notes of crème brûlée and vanilla, sweet spices in the finish