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Domaine Brard Blanchard Cognac Estival - Vignerons BioCepage Ugni Blanc - Fins Bois

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Domaine Brard Blanchard Cognac Selection Organic - Cépage Ugni Blanc - Fins Bois

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Domaine Brard Blanchard Cognac VSOP Organic - Cépage Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche - Fins Bois

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Domaine Brard Blanchard Cognac Vieille Reserve Organic - Cépage Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche - Fins Bois

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Domaine Brard Blanchard Cognac XO Organic - Cépage Ugni Blanc, Colombard, Folle Blanche - Fins BoisOver 30 years, this Cognac is the result of a beautiful intergenerational work. Coming from the blend of brandies that have aged for decades in oak barrels in the winery, it has the strength and quality of old age.Decante presentation 50cl

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Cognac de Collection Jean Grosperrin Vintage 2001 Fins Bois Organic 47,0° The two plots that produced this cognac are grown in organic agriculture since 1990 by a single woman, having taken over the business of her father.

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Cognac Hardy VSOP Organic Tradition

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Cognac Mery Melrose VS Organic Grande Champagne First Cru de Cognac : Like a galloping gazelle, this VS Cognac is full of life.  Single Estate Organic Cognac.

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Cognac Méry-Melrose VSOP Organic Grande Champagne : Beauty unsurpassed, with elegance, this VSOP Cognac has a winning character.  Single Estate Organic Cognac.

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Cognac Park Organic Fins Bois Cognac Park has emphasised its commitment to a responsible environmental approach by crafting a cognac made with organic wines.The Cellar Master has selected wines from the plots of clay-limestone soils on the Plateau de Saint-Simeux standing above the Charente Valley, in the Fins Bois cru.

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Cognac Pasquet L'organic VSOP 7 ans Grande Champagne : This Cognac has a charming... Certification : Agriculture Biologique FR BIO10

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Cognac Pasquet l'Organic 10 Grande Champagne : Complex notes of tobacco, cocoa and gingerbread distingish the bouquet of this Cognac... Middle Age : 10 Years old Certification : Agriculture Biologique FR BIO10